Destiny Phoenix Highway to Hell
Destiny Phoenix Highway to Hell

Títulos conquistados:

  • IDC 2011 3th place (with T.Dohoczki)
  • IDC 2010, 4th place (with P Pezzano)
  • National Breeding show in France, Best Young (with C. Callejon, A.Heynard, Joao Mella)
  • CAC Best Male Monographica in Spain (with M Retdenbacher)
  • International champion
  • Luxembourg champion
  • DCE champion
  • French Champion
  • AIAD Champion
  • Champion of Spain
  • Champion of Georgia
  • Champion of Cyprus
  • Champion of San Marino
  • Grand Champion of Cyprus
  • Grand Champion of Georgia
  • DCR champion (Romanian club)
  • DCF champion (French dobermann club)
  • Champion of Azerbaijan
  • Champion of Moldavie
  • Grand champion of Azerbaijan
  • Grand champion of Moldavia